Vaulting 4 Africa

What is vaulting?

Vaulting is an equestrian sport, easily described as gymnastics performed on a moving horse going on a circle, in full harmony. At the beginning vaulting is a team sport, later on individual.

A competition vaulting team is composed of six vaulters and one alternate vaulter, one longeur and one horse. The horse canters on the left hand around a circle of a minimum diameter of 15 m. At individual vaulting the vaulter, the longeur and the horse are one unit.

Both the individuals and the team vaulters have to show two tests: the compulsory test and the free style. Those individual vaulters who manage to achieve the second round of a tournament have to show additional the technical test and a second free style.

At Championships (World or Continental) separate competitions for men only and for women only must be organised. In the team vaulting competition, male and female vaulters may compete together. In 1983, vaulting became one of the equestrian disciplines recognised by the FEI. The first European Championships took place 1984 in Ebreichsdorf, Austria and the first World Championships 1986 in Bulle, Switzerland.