Riba Rockstars @ SA Vaulting Champs 2017

A handful of our vaulters travelled to Ballito, KZN, to represent Gauteng in the South African Vaulting Championships. To say they did their province, and their yard, proud is truly an understatement. Their achievements are as follows:

Charsley Loni: 3rd in U14 D Grade F Horse

Lara Muller: 1st in U14 D Grade F Horse

Jenna Blaauw: 1st in U14 C Grade F Horse

Tristan Sachse: 3rd in B Grade Jnr Male Horse

Asea Pozniakow: 3rd in U14 B Grade F Horse

Erin Muller: 1st in U14 B Grade F Horse

Erin and Asea also delivered a spectaular canter pas de deux.

Pictured from left to right:
Charlsey Loni, Tristen Sachse, Asea Pozniakow, Jasyn Gertenbach (coach), Erin Muller, Lara Muller


A resounding well done to these amazing athletes, and a huge thank you to coach Jasyn Gertenbach, lunger Barbie Gertenbach, horses Rebel Hill and Riverdance, and the unwaveringly supportive moms.

FEI Festival Aug 2017

A resounding congratulations to Mina Arian, Nicholas Howe, Shannon Smith and coach Errol Wucherpfennig on their results at the FEI Festival at the end of August.

Errol won both 1.10m classes on his horse Alzu Shanghai.

Shannon Smith took a 2nd and 4th on Frischgewaagt Monteo.

Nicholas Howe took 1st in his class on Leia and came 2nd overall.

Mina Arian and Dakkam Treasure Island were the overall winners of the FEI Children’s Bronze Tour.

Mina Arian with Treasure Island (left) and Nic Howe with Leia (right).

Errol Wucherpfennig receiving his prize after his 1.10m wins.


Riba Rockstars take Belgium

With eyes set on the path to being the best we can be, the Riba family is not short on dedication and hard work in all we choose to do. So when moments of recognition crop up, it’s hard not to beam with pride!

Riba aims to mould vaulters at international standard, with coach Jasyn Gertenbach and Chelsey Gertenbach being excellent examples, and our team having travelled far and often. Now recently, our own Asea Pozniakow and Erin Muller proved their mettle once again, this time at the CVI 1*, an international vaulting competition in Moorsele, Belgium, on the 27th and 28th of May 2017. Trained by Jasyn Gertenbach, and with assistance by Chelsey Gertenbach and Anna Aubaret, the hours put in earned Asea a silver medal and Erin a gold.

Girls, to say we’re proud of you is the understatement of the century!


Asea Pozniakow on Daviana Z.


A proud moment shared.
L to R: Erin Muller, Ines Nawroth (lunger), Asea Pozniakow, Jasyn Gertenbach (coach)


Erin Muller on Daviana Z.


The girls standing proud on the podium.


A huge thank you to the yard where the girls trained, Voltigeiervereins Koln-Dunnwald, owned by former world champion Patrick Looser, top vaulter Torben Jacobs for his assistance in training in Cologne, lunger Ines Nawroth, their vaulting horse Daviana Z, coaches for their hard work and commitment thus far, and to Ernette Muller and Adine Strashun, for supporting their daughters all the way.

CSI2* Cairo

From the 6th – 25th of April Kayla Gertenbach jetted off to Egypt for two CSI2* events in Cairo.

To jump on borrowed horses with only one day to try them out was a bit of a challenge, but an informative and great experience was still had.

There were riders invited from 18 countries, as well as all the local Egyptian riders.


Kayla drew a small german mare by the name of “Ice Cream” for the first competition and had just one unlucky pole down in each class.

For the second competition she acquired a second ride, a Chestnut mare named “Esta”.


Esta was placed 4th in the Medium tour Speed accumulator

Ice cream was placed 6th in the Medium tour Championship


Thank you to the Egyptian Equestrian Federation and everyone else involved for such an amazing opportunity!

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