Equestrian League @ Eaton Farm

This past weekend on the 26th of July the whole Riba team was at the equestrian league hosted by Eaton farm.

A fun filled although chilly day!


Results :


1.10m Competition

–  Kayla Gertenbach & Gondor Pet Rock 4th place


1.00m Competition

– Errol Wucherpfennig & Nova Stud’s Vita Bella 4th place


0.90m Competition

– Samantha Murray & Chett Baker 8th place


0.80m Speed

– Nicholas Howe & Windermere Pilgrim 9th place

– Kayla Gertenbach & Rathmor Sylvan 10th place


0.80m Competition

– Nicholas Howe & Windermere Pilgrim 10th place

– Kayla Gertenbach & M.O.T. Assegai 5th place


0.70m Competition

– Kera Reimer & Riba Sundance 8th place

– Megan Hendrikz & Irish Coffee Double Clear (this was their first show away from home, Well Done!)


0.70m Speed

– Nicholas Howe & Daydream Jiveman Clear


0.60m Competition

– Boris Van Beerschoten & Bullfrog Olaf 4p

– Kera Riemer & Riba Sundance 3rd place



Prelim 3

– Michelle du-Plessis Hay & Yene’s Xalvadora T  61.25%

– Ross Howe & M.O.T. Assegai 63.33%


Prelim 4

– Michelle du-Plessis Hay & Yene’s Xalvadora T  62.60%

– Ross Howe & M.O.T. Assegai 51.40%

(This was Ross & M.O.T. Assegai’s First Show together – Well Done!)


Instructors: Kayla Gertenbach, Barbie Gertenbach & Errol Wucherpfennig

A Big Thank you to Angie Meredith and her family of helpers from Eaton Farm for putting on a great show! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Well Done to everyone!

IMG_9678 IMG_9676 IMG_9666 IMG_9665 IMG_9662IMG_9687 IMG_9686

Update – Junior World Vaulting Championships 2015

The South African Junior Vaulting Squad, Pairs and Individual Vaulters from Riba Stables are in Cologne (Germany) training for Vaulting Junior World Championships!
Then on the 3rd of August They move over to the Nederlands for the Competition.
Too much excitement with the Squad and coaches ☆

“Thanks again to all involved for this opportunity!” – Ernette Muller

The Squad Consists of:

Jasmin Lauber

Kira Sieber

Elme Allison

Lenel Allison

Erin Muller

Caylin Jooste

Shae Wright

Jordan Wright



Jasmin Lauber


Pas De Deux (Pairs):

Lenel and Elme Allison



Chelsey Gertenbach (RSA)

Bamdad Memarian (Germany)

Nicole De Villiers (RSA)


Below is a link from vaultingnews.com about the competition:



Below are a few Pictures from their time and Training so far

A huge congratulations to all of your for coming this far! We are all behind you all the way!


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Youth Festival 2015

A huge congratulations to Nicholas Howe and Cyndon Bolero for winning both their Dressage tests at the 2015 Youth Festival.

Novice 2 and 4


These two are a pair to look out for! Well done!

Instructor: Barbie Gertenbach


Mandela Day 2015

Riba Stables kids out and about on Mandela day. Heres what they got up to:

A Vaulting Display and Pony Rides at the Beaulieu Preparatory school for the Kids From Ivory  Park Community Centre.


“The kids from Ivory Park Community Centre were in awe of the vaulters and just loved the pony rides.  Some of these kids had never seen a horse in real life nevermind actually having an opportunity to touch one and ride on one.

 It was something very special to see.  Thanks again to Riba for the time given to the day.” – Tracy Valadao

DSC_0366 DSC_0356 DSC_0312 DSC_0295 DSC_0292 DSC_0291 DSC_0258

Riba Stables Training Show

The next Riba Stables Training show will be on the 16th August 2015


Entries close: 10th August

Please contact Caitlin on ribastables79@gmail.com for an entry form.


Happy Riding!!!

Results from the 4th SANESA Qualifier

Results from the 4th SANESA Qualifier



Nicholas Howe & Blue storm 4th place

Sasha Lee & On Target 5th

Kyla & Treasure Island 7th place

Kyla & Treasure Island 6th place



Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm 1st place

* Nicholas and Storm have won every Qualifier – Well done!!


Prix Caprilli:

Sasha Lee & On Target 3rd place



Savannah Thompson & Kinvarra 1st & 1st place

* Savannah & Kinvarra have won every qualifier – Well done!!


Well done to all of the competitors


Results from the 3rd SANESA qualifier

Prix Caprilli:

Kaylyn Conradie & Sky – 2nd place

Sasha-Lee Valadao & On Target – 4th place



Kyla & Treasure Island  – 10th place

Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm – 1st place



Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm – 6th place

Chiedza & Thessaly – 11th place

Kyla & Treasure Island – 10th place

Savannah Thomson & Kinvarra – 6th place



Savannah Thomson & Kinvarra – 1st place, 1st place

Nicholas Howe & Cyndon Bolero – 1st place, 2nd place


Working Hunter:

Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm – 7th place


Congratulations to all the Riba Stables competitors and Instructors! You were all fantastic!