Results: Gauteng Valentines Vaulting show 2016


Results from the Gauteng Valentines Vaulting show


B Grade:

Dimitra Michalakis – 1st place


C Grade:

Erin Muller – 1st place

Sienna Blaauw – 2nd place

Asea Pozniakow – 5th place


D Grade:

Julia van Beerschoten – 1st place

Alexia Fouquet – 2nd place

Jenna Blaauw – 3rd place

Charlsey Loni – 4th place


E Grade:

Lara Muller – 1st place


Pas De Deux:

Erin Muller & Asea Pozniakow – 1st place

HC Entries- Jasyn Gertenbach & Demitra Michalakis


Well done everyone! Fantastic Results!!

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Results: Valentines Show KEP 2016


Results from the 2015 Valentines show at KEP


A80cm Championships:

Bianca Olivier & Pizzas – 5th place


A1.20m Championships:

Kayla Gertenbach & MiBlackBox Cassando – 1st place


A1.30m Championships:

Kayla Gertenbach & MiBlackBox Preamble D – 2nd place

Kayla Gertenbach & MiBlackBox Christian D – 5th place


This was Bianca and Pizzas’s First Show – Well done! Fantastic results.

Thank you again to MiBlackBox for their generous and continued support!



Results: SANESA Q1 2016


Results from the first SANESA Qualifier 2016


60cm Competition:

Alexia Fouquet & Blue Storm – 1st place


Welcome Equitation:

Alexia Fouquet & Blue Strom – 9th place


70cm Ideal Time:

Ashleigh Olivier & Amadeus – 13th place


70cm Competition:

Ashleigh Olivier & Amadeus – 11th place


Intermediate Equitation:

Mina Arian & Dakkam Treasure Island – tie 6th place

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Giselle – 3rd place


90cm Competition:

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Gisele – 15th place


Prelim test 1:

Asea Pozniakow & Cyndon Bolero – 4th place


Prelim test 2:

Asea Pozniakow & Cyndon Bolero – tie 1st place


Level 1 Performance Riding:

Asea Pozniakow & Cyndon Bolero – 5th place


70cm Competition:

Chiedza Manikai & Thessaly  – 6th place

Kaylyn Conradie & Time to Fly – 12th place


70cm Ideal Time:

Kaylyn Conradie & Time to Fly – 5th place


80cm A2 Speed:

Megan Hendrikz & Irish Coffee – 24th place


80cm Competition:

Megan Hendrikz & Irish Coffee – 26th place


Novice test 1:

Mina Arian & Dakkam Treasure Island – 12th place


Elementary test 1:

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Gisele – 1st place


Elementary test 2:

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Gisele – 1st place


1.10m Cometition:

Savannah Thompson & Kinvarra – 6th place


1.10m A2 Speed:

Savannah Thompson & Kinvarra – 3rd place


Intermediate Equitation:

Savannah Thompson & Kinvarra – 3rd place


Well done everyone!

Fantastic results!

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Results: Gauteng Vaulting Championships 2015

Results from the  Gauteng Vaulting Championships 2015


E Grade:

Charlsy Loni – 2nd place


D Grade:

Esther Sagot – 1st place

Alexia Fouquet – 2nd place


C Grade:

Erin Muller – 1st place

Asea Pozniakow – 2nd place

Sienna Blaauw – 3rd place


Canter Pairs:

Erin Muller & Asea Pozniakow – 1st place

Gabi Michalakis & Dimitra Michalakis – 2nd place


C grade squad:

1st place and earned their Qualifying score of 6.667

Vaulters –

Gabi Michalakis

Dimitra Michalakis

Asea Pozniakow

Erin Muller

Tristan Sachse

Sienna Blaauw


Well done also to the H/C Walk pairs – Erin Muller & Sienna Blaauw

And Well Done to Julia van Beerschoten for vaulting beautifully on the second day after being injured on the first day.


A Fabulous set of results!! Well Done!!


Results: SANESA nationals

Well done to Cailin Conradie, Nicholas Howe and Savannah Thomson for all qualifying for the 2015 SANESA Nationals!!



Welcome: Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm 3rd place


70cm: Nicholas Howe & Blue Storm 10th place (less than one second separated 1st – 10th place!!)


Novice: Nicholas Howe & Cyndon Bolero 1st, 15th place

Medium: Savannah Thomson & Kinvarra 1st, 1st place

(Savannah and Kinavarra have won every test this year!!! Well Done!!! )


Fantastic achievements guys!!

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Results: 2015 SA Derby


From the 30th September – 4th October Kyalami Equestrian Park saw the 50th Anniversary of the South African Derby generously sponsored by Galencia Properties.

Riba Stables riders Kayla & Chelsey Gertenbach took part in the 1.40m and 1.35m classes respectively.

Kayla riding Chelsey’s mare ‘Class Act B’ ended up with 8penalties in the 1.40m Mini Derby leaving them just outside the placings.

Chelsey riding her own ‘Al Rosario’ held their own in the 1.35m Micro Derby and the qualifying classes with the following results:

1.35m Micro Derby: 6th place

1.35m Speed: 5th place

1.35m Classic: 15th place


Congratulations, what a wonderful show!

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Equidome Heritage Day Extravaganza: Results

Equidome Heritage Day Extravaganza: Results


1.20m Competition

Kayla Gertenbach & Cassando 2nd place

Kayla Gertenbach & Dageraad Christian 3rd place


PR 0.90m Competition

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Giselle  4p


PR 0.90m Speed

Nicholas Howe & Ride Away Giselle 5th place


This was Nicholas and Giselle’s first show together. What a wonderful partnership, we wish you many more successful competitions!

The Equidome is a fantastic new venue with world class facilities! Thank you to Stan van Der Burgh and his whole team for such an amazing venue.



CSI2* Alexandria, Egypt

CSI2* Alexandria, Egypt


September saw Kayla and Chelsey Gertenbach headed to Egypt for the CSI2* Alexandria.

Chelsey having drawn a small Stallion “Lucky” for the Small tour (1.20/1.30m) had a great week with a few unlucky poles down keeping her out of the places, but having jumped some fantastic rounds.

Kayla had drawn a young Gelding “Contender” for the Medium tour (1.30/1.35m) who had a great show having one pole down the whole show finishing 9th in the Accumulator with Joker and 4th in the Mini Grand Prix.

Well done girls, a fantastic Achievement!!!

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Results from the 2015 Revil Stables World Cup Qualifier

Results from the 2015 Revil Stables World Cup Qualifier


1.30m A2 Welcome Stakes – Rebel Hill & Kayla Gertenbach – 2nd place

1.35m 2phase competition – Rebel Hill & Kayla Gertenbach – 2nd place

1.30m Competition – Al Rosario & Kayla Gertenbach – 13th place

1.30m Grand Prix – Al Rosario & Kayla Gertenbach – 3rd place


Class Act B jumped her first 1.40m Grand prix with just 8p. She’s one to look out for in the future!

A fantastic show was had by all, Thank you to Renee and Conrad Fourie and their whole team from Revil Stables for such a world class competition!!

Thank you also to my sponsor Foondi Media Solutions for all their support – without you this wouldn’t be possible!

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